Four steps AFS Vanguard uses to keep things real simple for you:

ONE: We have 40+ years combined direct experience in the consumer and small loan industry.
Our elite software platform is a complete reflection of this experience.
TWO: AFS Vanguard Desktop runs your loan office, AFS Vanguard Corporate Mirror runs your corporate home office.
THREE: Access your business using either AFS Vanguard Desktop or AFS Vanguard Web from anywhere in the world.
FOUR: Empower your team by integrating all your branch office needs and all your corporate home office needs inside AFS Vanguard.
Everything you need from A to Z in a single place.

Our service is best of class: 6 days a week (Mon-Sat), live engineers.

Our service is best of class: 6 days a week (Mon-Sat), live engineers.

The AFS Vanguard system is a sophisticated, affordable solution for the Consumer Finance industry.[br][br] By means of an experienced team and the latest technologies, AFS provides best of class service to meet your most demanding needs.[br][br] AFS's mission is to provide the best technology available at the best possible price. Our service commitment to our customers is second to none.[br][br] By adopting state-of-the-art technology to keep the books, track profits and manage customer accounts, you will tap into the same efficiency gains as big established enterprises to boost profit and growth.[br][br]Great software, backed by excellent service 6 days a week.

What is AFS Vanguard?

What is AFS Vanguard?

AFS Vanguard is the type of software that you will need to operate your office efficiently for many years to come. We operate in over 11 different states and Mexico. Our software has been retrofitted to use the latest technologies (post-2000) and features capabilities that no competitor currently offers.

AFS Vanguard represents the state of the art in software for consumer finance and small loan companies. It is designed to provide maximum control of your loan office operations. Powerful, yet easy to use, AFS Vanguard meets the needs of the users in the branch office, as well as the needs of supervisors in the field and the executive team in the home office, all for a very affordable price.

What do you need to use AFS Vanguard?

What do you need to use AFS Vanguard?

Our effective service team will provide all you need to get your system up and running within a couple of hours. AFS Vanguard has been developed using state of the art Java Enterprise. It relies on the PostgresQL Open Source database, the OpenOffice Open Source office suite and the latest Windows offerings from Microsoft. The Linux Open Source operating system is used in all our Amazon AWS cloud servers and in all home office mirror servers. The use of these Open Source alternatives, provides a very cost effective, stable, dependable and powerful data processing platform for any consumer finance company anywhere in North America.

Open Office 4 or greater
Java 1.8
PostgreSQL 9.3
Windows 10 or higher
Linux CentOS for Home office mirrors

AFS Vanguard service fee after merging offices

The service team at AFS Ltd. continues to work 6 days a week to promptly service your most urgent needs. We thank you for your continued business and understand the need to merge offices in these uncertain times. Please remember the monthly service fee will be adjusted to the final Ledger balance of the receiving office.

AFS Vanguard weekend service reminder

Just a friendly reminder that our weekend service hours are 8:30am to 2:30pm Saturdays, on a reduced staff basis. . We will quickly address urgent or critical issues, examples:   1. Issues opening for business. 2. Issues related to end of day (EOD). 3. Issues related to unable to service your loan customers. 4. System

Discover Card Debit Payments

If your store is looking to improve collection flow, we have become aware of Discover’s aggressive entry into the debit card space. AFS Vanguard stands ready to process Discover debit card payments, please contact your processor to ensure your account has the Discover capability turned on.

AFS Vanguard and COVID-19

Dear AFS Vanguard customer, At AFS, we have always been inspired by the spirit of the consumer finance industry to serve the community. In these unprecedented times, we are certain we would tide the storm and come back stronger. First, our prayers are with anyone infected by COVID-19; we wish speedy recovery to you and

Transunion Soft Inquiries

Apparently with the booming economy credit scores are now becoming widely used. We have just received notice from TransUnion representatives that if your company wishes to switch from Hard inquiries to Soft inquiries, a new subscriber code needs to be established, and such subscriber code entered into your AFS Vanguard options screen. We do not